Customer Charter

This charter outlines what you can expect in your dealings with us and what we expect of you.

Our role

To provide quality services which are fair, efficient and deliver benefits for all Victorians.

Our service focus

In delivering our services, we will:

  • Be courteous and professional
  • Ensure our correspondence is clear and concise
  • Explain our decisions, your rights in relation to those decisions, and any applicable time limits
  • Help you understand and meet your obligations
  • Aim to meet all our service standards
  • Aim to make it easier for you to comply with your obligations
  • Seek constant improvement to our services through innovation
  • Consult and listen to feedback from you and relevant industry groups
  • Be responsive to individual, cultural and special needs

Fairness and equity

We will:

  • Treat you fairly and reasonably
  • Treat you as being honest unless you act otherwise
  • Apply the law consistently, having regard to your circumstances as far as the law allows
  • Behave with integrity and honesty, and act impartially
  • Respect your privacy and give you access to information we hold about you as permitted by law
  • Only use or disclose your information in accordance with the law
  • Respect your right to be represented by a person of your choice
  • Comply with our published policies regarding our compliance activities and the conduct of taxation disputes
  • Where appropriate, use alternative ways to resolve disputes
  • Comply with our obligations under the Charter of Human Rights

Our expectations of you

We expect you to:

  • Be honest, cooperative, and courteous
  • Keep all records required by law and allow us reasonable access to them
  • Respond promptly to requests for information or documentation, and understand that our decisions may be delayed if this information is not provided
  • Lodge documents, statements and returns on time
  • Pay the full amount of tax you are legally required to pay, when it is due
  • Advise us if your circumstances change and keep us informed of your current details in case we need to contact you, and
  • Understand that if you do not meet your obligations, penalties and interest may be imposed

Comments from you

We welcome your feedback. If you are not satisfied with our service please write to:

Commissioner of State Revenue
State Revenue Office of Victoria
GPO Box 1641

We will treat all your concerns seriously and respond promptly.

What customers can expect
Integrity, honesty, innovation and professionalism
Clear communication, impartiality and respect for privacy