Commissioner's Foreword

2015-16 was a very challenging year for the SRO but I am pleased to say that we were able to meet all of our KPIs and deliver new government initiatives, as well as IT projects due to the fine efforts of our staff.

One of our major achievements was to be awarded a prize for the best redeveloped website in Australia at the Australian Web Awards in Perth in late 2015. Our competitors were from all over the country and included public, private and not-for-profit organisations. I was very proud of the staff who worked on this project including a complete rewrite of the website content.

The SRO has 32 KPIs which are contained in our balanced scorecard report and examined in detail each month. These KPIs are broken up into five perspectives: Customers; Financial; People; Internal business; and Environment. Many of the KPIs are very challenging to achieve and require us to continually improve in order to meet them.

One of these KPIs is about customer satisfaction where we achieved a 97 per cent overall satisfaction rate with the call centre service we provided. We also managed to meet our expectations with regards to processing of objections and private rulings.

We also managed a very busy legislative program with the introduction of the Back to Work Scheme, the Absentee Owner Surcharge, the Foreign Purchaser Additional Duty and many other legislative changes.

In terms of people, we had a low staff turnover, very few and minor WorkCover incidents as well as pleasing staff survey results.

In 2016-17 and in the years that follow, we intend to direct our energies into our new Transforming the SRO set of projects which will make it easier and less costly to pay taxes in Victoria. In all, there are more than 30 projects that will be implemented over the next four years that will change how customers interact with us and how we do our work internally. I am looking forward to delivering these projects on time and within budget during this period.

Finally I would like to acknowledge the Executive team and all staff of the SRO as well as our colleagues, the Secretary and his staff in the Department of Treasury and Finance for their support and contribution to a highly successful 2015-16.

22 out of 22 KPIs met
97% quality of service satisfaction from customers
87% of objections completed within 90 days
87% of private rulings/exemption requests issued within 90 days
10,613 investigations conducted