Back to Work Scheme

In 2015-16 we played a pivotal role in administering the Back to Work Scheme for Victorians.

This government initiative offered grants to eligible employers who provided ongoing roles and accredited training. Assistance was targeted to 18 eligible groups including refugees, sole-parent pensioners, long-term unemployed, retrenched workers and out-of-trade apprentices.

Under a challenging implementation program of legislative reform, we delivered for customers a comprehensive website, a three-step online claim process, automated verification checks and electronic payments. This made it easier for employers to understand their obligations and make their claims quickly and efficiently.

The scheme was fully subscribed on 18 July 2016 but assistance continues for some categories.

Some of the job seekers hired - Back to Work
8224 apprentices and trainees
1535 long-term unemployed
758 young unemployed
563 out-of-trade apprentices
270 retrenched workers