Charter of Human Rights

As a public authority, we are bound to act and make decisions in a manner which is compliant with human rights as set out in the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006. We must act compatibly with the human rights protected by the charter and must give proper consideration to the relevant rights when making decisions, setting policies and providing services.

This means that when we make decisions that affect individuals, we must consider the rights set out in the charter and act compatibly with those rights.

Charter of Human Rights 2015-16

Statements of Compatibility and Human Rights Certificates prepared* 3
Legal proceedings giving rise to human rights issues 0
Declarations of inconsistent interpretation in respect of SRO legislation 0
Number of Ombudsman complaints investigated# 0
* Two Statements of Compatibility were prepared (one for each of the amending bills prepared during 2015-16). One Human Rights Certificate was prepared (for the Land Tax Regulations, remade in 2015).
#The Ombudsman has the power under s 13(2) to inquire or investigate whether any administrative action is incompatible with a human right. There were no such investigations in 2015-16.